Thursday, January 21, 2010

for Haïti

januari 21 2010

Today it's not only the birthday of one of my sons, it's also the day that The Netherlands buzzes with a special event for Haïti.
The regular and commercial media work together to bring 24 hours of entertainement to create awareness for the situation in Haïti and collect money.

This morning the event started at 6 o'clock on radio and television and this evening a huge program replaces the regular schedule.

The government will double the amount that is collected in total before closure of the event (including what is collected on a special disaster account since the earthquake.)
(So that's your chance to break our economic system. Donate a few millions through me. LOL!)

Special attention is for the children that are adopted from Haïti and for the families who live here. They have gone and are going through so much.

Right now it's not even 9 o'clock and over 10 million euros are collected already.
That's almost 4 million today.

My son decided he didn't want presents today.
It's a brave decision for a 19 year old who loves games, computerrelated things, books and items about the Dalai Lama and Tibet.

We don't have family in Haïti, but 14 years ago we wanted to adopt a child and were asked to adopt a boy from Haïti with medical problems.
We agreed, but before the whole pile of paperwork was signed I got pregnant and that meant the file was closed.
We've always felt that as a loss, because there were not many people who wanted to adopt children with those medical problems and maybe the boy would never get the care he needed.

Now our heart goes out to him. Does he live?


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