Friday, January 1, 2010

The first day of the year

january 1 2010

Happy New Year!!

I hope lots of dreams come true this year.

We had a nice change of years.
All kids were at home and there were no irritations at all.
We watched TV, eat tasty things and the traditional foods, were dressed up a bit, and then sang with the tv one of my favorite melodies of a beloved singer and artist who died last year.

Counting down, glasses with bubbles without alcohol, the wishes.

Then we opened the curtains and through the golden streamers for the window we saw the fireworks.
With each light we saw the snow on the branches on the trees. And it snowed a little.
It just was like one of those views on lovely romantic christmas houses on old fashioned christmas cards.

Ofcourse 2 of the boys had their fireworks and they went with friends to have fun.

Here we had a nice time with the rest, waiting for the change of years in the UK.
It's a tradition that started when my dad was still alive.
Because he'd been in the RAF in England during WW2 and had dear friends in england he called right at the change of years we listened to the BBC in the years before we could receive BBC1 on TV. Later we always watched.
Even now he's dead so many years the traditions is alive, and the children will take it to their children.

One of the main joys and disappointments of last year was going to england with my oldest. It never happened, which was sad.
We now agreed to try to take the girls this year to show them london and if possible more of the country.
Maybe one of the next years will be even more interesting in relationship with the UK, because he considers going to live there. Maybe somewhere near or in Bristol. He can earn with his diplomas far more in the UK than here.

So our noses are turned very much to the UK. We need jobs.

I don't have more plans for this year.
But for the first time felt the need for some resolutions. Which is kind of strange for me.

Well, I want to follow my intuition more.
And I hope my autistic son will finally find and accept the help he needs, so I can have a life of myself too.
I want to stand up more for autism. I want to have better diagnostic procedures all over the world, more care, more living facilities where autistic people can be themselves, and far more understanding for families with autism.
I'm sick of people who tell me I've got a difficult family with 4 autistic kids and then walking away. Don't tell me what I already know.

New years day was not as good as I hoped.
The father of the kids had a mood, and it was not positive. I felt like a policewoman for the largest part of the morning and afternoon.
Guess he went to bed too late.
Problem is that he doesn't acknowledge that, but behaves in a way that makes me feel looked down on. He criticized all I said and when we couldn't push on the heating as fast as he wanted, (it always takes a long time before the thing responds) he took the thermostat and put it outside, telling us that when it took on the lower temperature the heating would respond faster.

Well, it didn't.

But after the usual amounts of attempts it did.

When he wanted to take hot water for the dishes (his turn) he got water that was ice cold as the way he treated us today.
Turned out the heating didn't respond at all anymore.

So it'll be a cold night, and tomorrow morning I have to tidy the attic first before the repairman can come.
It's a mess because I had to take the christmasstuff and had not time to do that nicely. always hunts after you.

Well, most kids are to bed now.
Their father has swallowed his bad mood, maybe because he can't look down on me anymore. I'm the one who has to solve problems like these. But he keeps on commenting how things work and not work. Well I guess some men need to feed their ego with indirect verbal abuse of the people around them.

Well, let's hope the waterpipes don't freeze.

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  1. Happy 2010 Laane.
    Hope you can make your trip to The UK.


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