Sunday, January 24, 2010

Desert of hell

january 24 2010

Sometimes I wonder whether we're served by the possibilities of modern media.

There are so many human emotions flowing through TV, internet and other media that at some days I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster.

Just 2 main subjects.

People who want to escape from Haiti will be send back by the USA.

I wonder why people give millions of dollars to people who have nothing at all and send them back into the desert of hell.
Why do we want to confine people to poverty and despair, when we still have a place for a tent in our garden, a chair at our table, and a bed in a corner?
These people want to work to get their future on track again, they're not passive, they want to work at jobs no one else wants.

Well, we've seen it happen before. Mary, pregnant... you know the story.

People never learn from the past.

A very talented girl wins a nationwide audition.

It's years ago that I met her on the steps of the ballet academy.
That day she was facing one of her first auditions, and I told her what to do and what not, and she passed.
Now she did it again. As a young woman.

We make and break people, and I wonder whether we are aware what we're doing.


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