Wednesday, January 6, 2010

and the three wise men

january 6 2010

It's three kings day, the end of the christmasseason.

We've made it through the darkest part of the winter.

Those guys were wise.

Maybe because they were able to keep a target in their lives to work to.
They were optimistic, were able to see a light even in the darkest night, and here they are: at their destination.
And boy what a sight!

It's such a pity that many countries conbsider christmas to be just one day, and months of preparing, thus forgetting that even autumn has it charms and it's own celebration.
Each year again I'm amazed that people are not able to live in the moment, are not able to appreciate the day they're living, but need something to divert their attention.

Those guys were wise, because they lived through it all, kept sight on their light, but struggled through the dessert and through everything else to get to the place they wanted to be.

Not much is told about their travels, which, in a way, makes me aware how unimportant life is.

Which is the paradox of christmastime:
the utmost importance of the small baby coming to life, and the unimportance of the way of life of those wise men.
But they lived their dream, lived what they needed to do.

The small child at the beginning, and the wise men at the end.

Like our christmastime.

As simple as that.

Time to get our tree down, de decoration in the boxes and embrace the way this new year is.

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