Tuesday, January 26, 2010

..and a finch in the garden

january 26 2010

One day before my birthday and I'm not OK.
I haven't had a such a stuffed head, with wooly painful cotton, for ages.
My arms weigh a thousand tons and I don't even crave for coffee.

Last week I worked hard to make the house look nice and unoccupied by anyone but me. But overnight an untidy alien crashed here, I assume.

In the garden is a finch hanging on the bag with peanuts.
He's turning fast and when the tuen is over he makes such moves to get it going again that I'm sure he wants this himself.

Last night the extreme temp was -14.3 in Stavoren.
Taking the iceflowers on my bedroom window in account it has been very low here too.
I left the heating on overnight, so the wind, blowing through small spaces, has done a good job.

Later this day snow is expected.
There's nothing as good as a walk through the snow when you're feverish, so I'm looking forward to it.

It's good to give the world a day to live for itself.
I don't feel the need to take part, even though I'm sucked in by mail on the doormat, the news and all the noises.

My autistic son arrives downstairs, complaining about nothing, as always.

No rest for the wicked....

I still ask myself what I've done wrong. LOL!


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