Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Abilify and weight gain

We need your help to bring a very pressing problem straight into the limelight in such a way that no-one can deny the problem.
Lots of autistic children are prescribed medication which helps them in a way, but which also causes uncontrollable weight gain up to a pound per week.

I need to hear from parents whose autistic child is using abilify.

Help me find them.

Please display this banner on your site to reach out.

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Parents can contact me by using the contact button under the header of this site.
Please use: "Abilify and weight" in the subjectline so I'll catch your mail at once.

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  1. My son was on Abilify for a while, he gained over 20 lbs in a month or 2. That was several years ago and he still has a problem even though he's off it, his weight is creeping up a couple pounds a month while his doctor says he needs to work on losing.

  2. That seems like a heck of a lot of weight gain for a child, do the benefits of the drug out-weigh that particular side effect?


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