Sunday, December 27, 2009

Third christmasday or: landed in a musical or a bad family movie

december 27 2009

I used to dislike the third christmasday unless we would go an visit my gram or take a long walk in the woods nearby.

Today was added on my list of unwanted thrid christmasdays. Ugh!

I woke up after sleeping in, with a stuffed nose and back ache. My head was feeling like an elephant had a walk over it. Twice!

My autistic son didn't sleep well, I guess.
When he woke up he started a row with his 1 year older brother.

They´ve never made each others lives easy. Born too close to each other, I think, and opposites. One with autism, one with ADHD.
Most of the time I have my feelinghorns sticked in the middle of their room so I can sense when things are about to go wrong and be in time to prevent matters.
But today I took another cup of coffee to get a clear spot in my head, and forgot about them.

Luckily their father was going upstairs when their row started and even though he has no feeling how to deal with any of them, he has a body that takes quite some place and he managed to step between them. Wow!

One of the girls was talking quietly to get their attention and divert their irritability, but only their father answered her. LOL!

So I stepped in, grasped on at his arm and had him look at me, and then listen to me.
He went downstairs with me and flattened himself on the couch beside the door.

My strategic instincts failed me, so I sat down and took a sip from my coffee, asking myself what to do to keep those boys occupied with something else than each other.

Boy nr 2 came down and turned on the music of his walkman. Very loud, and he knows we don´t want that in the house.
Then he stood beside the couch and his brother waved with his foot towards him. Not touching him.

A shout!
And he complained his brother was kicking him.

Well, hej... I thought we were far past thát age!

I told him to go and do something, like visiting his friends, gesturing to his dad he should tell him the lesson he needed.

Then I sat down, telling my son which behaviour is very unwanted here.

At the same time they both shouted: "I didn't do anything, I'm always the one who gets the blame."

For a moment I thought that I'd landed in a musical or a bad family movie.

We managed to keep them apart and watched ice skating. Well, until one of the girls came and we had a nice talk.

A few hours later Fiddler on the Roof was on TV.
I know all the songs, but never managed to see the musical completely.
It was the old version, so I sat down, ready to enjoy it.

Yea... forget it.
Both boys saw each other in the kitchen and started to complain against each other.
"I got the blame, and you started." etc.

So I planted one with one of the girls in front of the TV, telling him to enjoy the program. LOL! And took the other apart.

So I missed the Fiddler on the Roof again.

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  1. Oh dear ,oh dear , you so have my sympathies . Incidently, I don't think there is an age gap thats right and will prevent rows and sibling rivalry. my girls have 4 years between them and still cause many mornings similar to the one you've described !


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