Saturday, December 5, 2009

Quick message from Sinterklaas his workplace

december 5 2009

It's chaotic here and I took a cup of coffee to have a quiet moment.

The smells are good. Like spicey cookies and soup and whatever is needed for Sinterklaas evening.

The girls celebrated Sinterklaas with their friends yesterday, causing panic here when a certain bracelet was shown.
Oops. I guess it has been bought here too.

So that Sinterklaas left in a hurry for the shopping centre in a mood that promisses even more rain and thunder. LOL!

Another Sinterklaas needed ideas and I gave so many that I'm sure I'll see at least one item back, probably in my shoe.
I wish I forgot to suggest an addressbooklet. LOL!
But I even suggested a coupon for half a tin of my favorite handcream, so let's hope that'll be the one I get.

My autistic son is angry, because no one has the time and rest to sit with him while he's computering.
He likes the company of one of the girls best, but she hurried to the shopping centre too, leaving her bicycle lights at home, so maybe we'll get an expensive surprise along with the rest.

Let's see: everyone has been called that the plans have changed and we'll meet together this evening.
There's something to drink, to eat, presents are in.
I'm going to move things around in the livingroom, so there's plenty of place for everyone.

The shower is waiting for me, my autistic son needs to be shaved (and he can't do that himself), and the rest of dinner needs to be made.

2.5 hours to go till the event starts.



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