Sunday, December 13, 2009

Never boring

december 13 2009

It's never boring here.

Today was a rather quiet day, because my autistic son thought he would grasp beside his pocket money when he would terrorize us this weekend.
Apart from bothering his sister during homeworld he kept rather quiet.
What a relief!

I even took a much needed nap this afternoon, and was able to work to the vinyl floor in the small hall. Now it's completely done too.

In the evening suddenly the phone rang and one of the sons told he was having leakage in his kitchen.
As he has a very open kitchen in his apartment, that could mean a complete new floor, so he was kind of panicking.

Me oh my, he's got special support there he can ring all the time, but it's mom and dad.

Turned out he didn't even have a bucket (why not??), so I suggested to put his dish washing bowl under it, a pan, or even the waste bin.

After a bit of talking with his father, with me thinking he had a huge waterproblem, it turned out he was trying to wash up directly in the sink and half of the water had gone after he went out this afternoon.
That's plenty of time for a liter of water to drip drop away.

So no water spraying from somewhere but a minor leakage.

Just when I wanted to advice him not to put water in that sink anymore, a friend arrived.
My son called back later.
Problem was fixed.

Well, one of his brothers was on his way to bring him a bucket.

So we really had a quiet evening. LOL!

Thanks Spiderlady for the tag!


  1. Just wanted to stop by and tell you Thanks for signing up for the Decorating for the Holidays Blog Hop tomorrow!

    Please put a link to the next blog on the list in your post tomorrow. The next blog is Beyond Motherhood and the link is

    Thanks again!

  2. Kids, no matter how old they are they always seem to need us for the silliest things.
    Reminds me of the other day when I came home and my son had problems hanging some pictures...said they wouldn't hang straight. The hooks were twisted on the frames and for some reason twisting them into a straight position never crossed his mind.
    We love them, right?

  3. Glad it all worked out! Yay on the nap.


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