Friday, December 11, 2009

Meds not available in my country? I got them!

december 11 2009

Got my meds from the pharmacy again today.

In the past I always got exact the same as the doctor prescribed, but the last years there's a shift from brand names to the name of the main ingredient.

As long as I get what the intention is, I don't mind.

But when I get something different without any message, I get irritated.

OK. I used to be patient.
But this pharmacy has made so many mistakes and they've handled it so careless, that I wonder whether these young girls who make the decisions when the pharmacist is not present know what they do.

With the international exchange of meds I'm regularly confronted with names I can find on internet, but not in the register of admitted medication in my country.
By law meds that are not registered should not be given.

Pharmacies hide behind the fact that the name of the main ingredient is the same as the name of a main ingredient of a registered medication.
But when I mention that there are also ingredients added to give colour, keep the whole lot together etc etc, they tell me they don't matter.

Well, when it's chalk or something like that I do agree.
But some substances are also present in my others meds and when you add them all together it's no wonder I need to use anti-allergy medication too.

I'm for instance allergic to some colours that are used.
It's not a problem when we're talking about one or two pills. I know that. But with my intake it adds up and causes reactions.

And I've had serious problems keeping my glucose levels in control when I suddenly got my main diabetesmedication in boxes with texts in greek. Were they transported or kept in temperatures that were too high?

Being dependent on medication is enough.
I hate it when others won't take it serious or only look at the costs.

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  1. I cannot take generics for anything. They keep trying to sell me generics in place of what I need. Grrr.


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