Sunday, December 20, 2009

the little girl inside me and snow

dec 20 2009


Snow is the keyword of this winter.

Last night I didn't sleep.
Not because of the snow we already had, but because I had a strange feeling of expectation.
So I put everything from the freezer outside in the same temperature as where it came from and started to defrost the thing.

Once in a while I nearly jumped half a meter high because a lump of ice fell down, but for the rest I enjoyed the quiet and did some things that needs to be done before christmas anyway.

When the night was silent and no traffic or nothing else could be heard I put on a warm coat and enjoyed the silence and look in the garden.
Still that feeling of expectation made me feel strange.

And then... near the early hours of the morning I saw the snowdrops creating white spots and a dark blue umbrella I'd posted above some things in the garden.
It was just like cake icing and then glistening ice cristals appeared on top, like some angel spread her angeldust above the earth.

But looking outside from the window didn't show much snowflakes at all, so I went on with my things until the freezer was defrosted and dry and I wanted to get all the stuff inside again.

When I stepped outside I was completely surprised by the sight of a thick layer of snow and a snowstrom raging through the trees.
I'd heard the wind, but didn't pay much attention when I was inside.

A long time ago we wanted the terrace between the backdoor and the door to the shed covered, and as we're not allowed to make a real roof, we made a plastic roof on a wooden frame, just looking like a temporary thing.

It was heavy with snow.
And when I say heavy, I mean hea--vy.

More than 10 cm snow and more being blown on top from the roof.
It took me more than an hour and almost frozen toes to get it all removed, so the plastic wouldn't burst and the load destroy the playhouse of the children.

When daylight came I could see the fine snow swept from the roofs and trees nearby by the wind.
And it kept snowing.

When they girls woke up we took a walk through the snow, enjoying the sight.

There's only one winter in my memory with so much snow.
I was 4, and I was with the big boys who kept an eye on me.
Meaning they had me sleigh the steep slope they sleighed too, and they had me race against them like any other boy.
I was tiny and light, but I could steer the sleigh very well, as my father had taught me that with much dedication.
In my light blue coat with fluffy white rims I was almost sailing down on the wind.

When my aunt saw me she didn't dare to call me for fear I would fall or sleigh into the stinging bushes.

I remember the fun, the feeling of accomplishment and the awesome dark night when my father walked with me through the snow.

I'm so happy I haven't lost that little girl inside me.

Thank you Patty69 for the lovely graphics

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  1. Beautiful story. The snow always brings me back to making snow angels as a young child.


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