Thursday, December 10, 2009

inheritance with surprises

december 10 2009

When my MIL and my brother IL died last summer we took it upon us to give them a proper funeral and handle their financial affairs.

It was clear there would be no inheritance, certainly not, because the house of my brother in law couldn't be entered because he'd been there for a week during the hottest days of the year. So all his furniture and belonging, including legal papers had to be destroyed by a specialized company. No insurance who pays for that, but we had to come up with the money to get it done.

Apart from all the feelings we had we were suddenly confronted by a brother who had left his family many years ago and who thought there would be a lot of money left for him.
Let's say he had a hard time bothering us, being suspicious and finally accepting that there would hardly be anything left.

It's winter now and the taxes already have been knocking at our door to get their part, but we still see an occasional bill.

Last week there had been a mistake and instead of canceled a magazine had renewed the subscription.

Today we got an insurance policy for a lot of money.

Being tired of reading through it all we wanted to lay it aside for the weekend, but an hour later picked it up and read it.

They had created a complete new insurance for our house and everything in it... on the name of the brother IL.

Are they nuts??? Or just asleep??

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  1. The policy left everything to the brother who died or the one who left? I would sue for a share.


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