Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Get lost with your spam!!

december 9 2009

All day I've put up with the complaints of my autistic son, all day I've been busy trying to please others and that's not easy in a large family with 4 kids with special needs, so when I arrive at my blog I try to have a little bit of time for myself, a bit of relaxation.

So tell me why you're bothering me with spam??

Do you really think I have comment moderation on, and a comment policy well written and accessible from the link bar of this site to put your dirt on my site?

Get lost!

I've spend deleting all your junk at this blog and my other blog.

More than 300 spamcomments I counted and then I stopped.

Let's tell you: Neelie Kroes got commissioner of the EEG for ICT and internet and I'm sure she will use actions like yours as a boost to her energy of getting rid of unwanted behaviour online.
We have people convicted in court for spam.
It was a delight to see how much they had to pay. Not hundreds, but thousands.

Don't think you can't be found because you hide behind certain IP's.
You can be traced and I'm sure others who are dealing with the same problem love to team up with me to inform the authorities and see justice done.

So leave me alone.

Go and cook something nice and bring it to people who can't afford it, organize a christmasdinner for the poor, or use your time to do something worthwhile for kids with special needs.

I know I can do with someone who helps me, and I'm sure there are more autism moms who do.

Get lost with your spam!!!

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  1. Arrrggghh, I too is tired of those spam comments trying to sell something. It's frustrating..


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