Thursday, December 3, 2009

The continuing story

december 3 2009

Well, last wednesday he didn't go, as I expected.

His mood was below level all monday and tuesday. (I won't even mention the weekend)
I can't cope with this much longer.
It's not good for any of us, and I think the girls deserve more of a family.

He complained about pain in his foot, which can't be controlled.

All I could do is make clear that it's his own decision, that he needs to go and that he will experience the consequences in the long run.
And I told him he needed to call himself. I wasn't doing that anymore.

He called himself!!
The first time he did so and he did it quite well.

I've made an appointment with our family physician, can't do anymore.

Like I was afraid when the possibility of daycare came up, we're in the same situation as when he went to school.
Maybe even worse, because he's not expected to go every day, just two half days, but he's a terrible family member all days.

He seems to be intelligent, but he's not. He can't even understand that he needs to create a future for himself and that he needs to work on his skills and abilities.

The way he behaves makes that we're longing for his next birthday.
Then he'll be 18 and the psychiatric facilities in town will be able to admit him.

We're going to move him away from the psychiatrist he has now to the one for grown-ups. We hope he'll do more than prescribe pills that help only a small bit.

It's sad to feel my wish for him to leave the house growing, and to see the same happen with the others here as well.

He won't leave without destructing everything in the house, so we have to find a tactical way.
Well, we've got 7 months to come with a solution.

So sad....

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