Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Contactperson between parents and school: transparency?

december 15 2009

At the school of the children bullying was/is a huge problem.

The interesting thing is that we asked them about bullying when the girls wanted to apply for a place and they said they were on top of it.

Well, I've never informed a school so many times about incidents. And ofcourse other parents took action too.
In fact the group was behaving like a loose projectile and my girls felt disturbed and one of them did worse than even. They felt alienated, because teachers too no action at all.

Well, finally there was so much toodoo, that they had a meeting and the contactperson between parents and school was part of it.

He gave a good account after the first meeting, which resulted in a few worthwhile reactions.

Last week there was a new meeting to evaluate the changes.

I received no account at all.
So I wrote the guy a mail, asking how the meeting went.

He's going to write an account with the school and only then give us the information.
That'll be in the second week of january.

How about transparency?

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  1. What might be of interest to you is that they have brought in a requirement in England that all schools must record all incidents of bullying. This applies whether the bullying was committed on school premises or not. If a pupil of a particular school bullies another, whether it be physical or verbal - face-to-face or using mobiles or the Web - the school are required to record it.

    The idea behind this is that schools and the rest of society will take a more active role in stamping it out.

    As in other countries there have been some terrible tragedies in England where young people have taken their lives because of being bullied. In the end - it was decided that it would not be left to individual schools to come up with their own methods it would need everyone to regard it with more seriousness.

    This has been a long time coming - after all a bully at school has the propensity to may be become a bully in the work place - in fact - to remain a bully all of their lives!


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