Sunday, December 6, 2009

christmaspreparations are rolling

december 6 2009

Now the sinterklaastime is over the dark days before christmas start.

For me it means squeezing in a few days all what needs to be done for my 6 children, cleaning the house, and trying to get in the mood for christmas.

I'm not a person for lists, but I tend to repeat in my head the most important things.
Last year I tried not to do that and free myself from the burden.

So here's part of the list:
  • daughter 1
    • make her practice music
    • make her clean up a few of her things
    • keep her motivated for school
    • make her help others a bit more
    • talk to her mentor at school about her progress
  • daughter 2
    • make her practice music
    • make her jump up less to help her brothers and sister
    • try and do something nice with her
    • talk to her mentor at school about the way the school deals with her being bullied
    • talk to the schoolnurse who said she should change so other people won't bully her (!)
  • oldest son (asperger)
    • make an appointment with his social worker
    • see if we can arrange something for second christmasday
    • get the autism site online
    • work out some information evenings we're going to give about autism
    • cut his hair
  • son 2 (PDD-NOS)
    • Make an appointment with his social worker
    • Try and find him a good table and some stuff for his new apartment (bedcover)
    • Have a look in his paperwork, if nothing is forgotten
  • son 3 (ADHD and ASD)
    • Rewrite the material for his diagnosis to convince his psychiatrist his diagnosis is wrong
    • Clean his stuff upstairs (ugh!)
    • cut his hair
    • Arrange school
    • sort out paperwork of his work
  • son 4 (classic autist)
    • Go to the family physician with him (tomorrow)
    • Make him go to daycare
    • Speak to the psychologist of daycare
    • Make an appointment with his social worker
  • house
    • go to the attic, clean and get the christmasstuff
    • decorate for christmas
    • get the last part of the floor done in the livingroom
    • etc.
Well, I shouldn't forget to redecorate the sites and do a lot more!


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