Friday, December 4, 2009

About Sinterklaas

december 4 2009

Life would have been far more easy with only 2 children.
Take for instance Sinterklaas.
It's the time when people here in The Netherlands give each other presents.
We don't do that at Christmas, we do it for children from the moment Sinterklaas arrives here, and for grown ups as close to the date of the end of the Sinterklaastime. (Which is in the night of december 5 to 6)

When the children were young, Sinterklaas came in the night and he left loads of presents for the children.
They would find them in the morning, on the table.
Some of the kids with autism were afraid of people entering the house, so I always said I'd given Sinterklaas the key and he would leave it on the table when he went.
Luckily I never forgot to leave the keys well in sight.
Before the children went in the room I went in to see if they'd really left.
(I crawled under the table and behind it before they were allowed in to take the best photos of their lovely surprised faces)

Because we didn't want them to mix up things when they were a bit older they each got a chair with their name on it.
Worked perfect!!

The last years we were hardly able to give the children some presents.
We were lucky the younger ones celebrated Sinterklaas at school, the older ones didn't really care.

At home we put the names of each of us in a bowl and had everyone take one name out without looking.
It was the beginning of a time that the kids tried to find a nice present for a few euros, and we scraped as much money together to buy them the traditional items, like a chocolate letter, pepernoten and taai-taai.

This year we can't do much either.
So again I feel lost and sad.

It was so nice to surprise the children in the past.
At times I needed the whole evening and even part of the night to built garages and kitchenettes, which they took apart in a few minutes and put together in 5. LOL!
They were so happy.

Now it's even difficult to get them all together at the same evening.

Last week it turned out they could all be together at sunday, but yesterday plans were changed and now they'll all be home tomorrow evening.

Having seen their wishlists I know that some of them have dreams that won't be fulfilled. I'm talking about small dreams.

It makes me sad, and makes me feel that I've failed.

The last years those feelings were fed with all the christmaspreparations of other people I saw at the blogs. Reading what they bought for their children...

Still, I'm glad we here can celebrate christmas as it is, without presents and what comes with it.

Just christmas.

I'm looking forward to it.

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