Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why do people get a loan for christmas?

november 28 2009

I can't believe people get a loan to buy christmaspresents.

We're not very rich people, money wise, but there's more to christmas than presents.

When I see the huge toys which are bought, I've spilled a few tears in the past because I couldn't buy them for my children.
I wanted to give the girls a wooden kitchen and shop and a lot of other things, but they never got them. Not the way I wanted them, I mean.

But they played kitchen and shop anyway, and they don't have the feeling they were neglected.

The past years have been a real financial burden to us.
With 4 autistic children there's always more money to spend than to be earned.
My autistic son kept ruining the chairs he sat on at his own room. Not on purpose, but because of his movements and weight.
We now have a chair we got from an office. It's old, but it's the first chair in years that not gave in within a month.

Two years ago we didn't have any money for december presents.
It really did hurt me to tell the children, but we had a nice evening together anyway, with some useful little things like gloves, and some home made christmas ornaments. They've all saved them, so there must have been a good memory attached to them.

This year we won't be able to give them much either.
We've drawn names, so each has to buy one present only.

But there won't be added extras.

Our decemberpresents are part of the Sinterklaas tradition. So we need to have them all by december 5th instead of the 24th.

Oh, I wish I would see the real Sinterklaas or Santa and I would be able to ask him to bring my kids the gifts I would love to give them.

But using money that isn't mine? Getting a loan?
No way!!
When I can't save the money for the presents during the year, I won't be able to pay back the loan, can I?
It's as simple as that.

And maybe, maybe the greatest gift to my children is the awareness that it's more important to have a great time together than to play with your new gifts.


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