Sunday, November 15, 2009

Unrest at school

November 15 2009

When the girls applied for a certain school we were guaranteed that it was 98% true that the school was bully free.

I've never believed in that dream, not after my boys visited school that guaranteed the same and made a mess of it.

Last year it was said the group of the girls was "noisy".

I complained a few times about bullying, but there seemed to be a certain level of problems all the time.

This year we heard more complained about the group and I stirred quite some emotions by telling the school that one of my daughters was hindered leaving the park near the school after they had a nice time enjoying the sun. Two girls blocked 4 others over and over again until a woman stopped them.
I gave the school a choice: police or action.

Action was taken.

But the group stayed noisy and unbalanced, so both girls started to complain and one got lower results at school.

This weekend we got a mail from the contact parents: the school was taking action.

Well, I don't think talking and threatening with an hour more at school will help.

I mailed back that I missed intervision, a good look at the role of the teachers (one bullied one of my girls during a test!!!), observation in the classroom, individual counseling for the bullies and those who create unrest, and positive reinforcement for those who do well.

I also told my girls to tell their mentor the school would get a month to get matters better otherwise we would want our girls to go to another group.
The answer amazed the girls: "that doesn't help, because the problems of unrest are in all groups."
A teacher who overheard their request said the same.

Ofcourse I know lack of concentration, bullying and unrest are problems at most schools.
But I'm surprised by the fact that this school admits children with a 98% guarantee they can handle it.

They just can't.


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