Sunday, November 29, 2009

they're autism-siblings

November 29 2009

The girls have left early this morning with their father.
He can travel for free and take them with him for a low fee, and that's better than sending them off alone or that I'm going with them. Even though I would have loved to have a day with them.

They're now at a special event organized for siblings of children with autism and other special needs.

It's a pity it's always far away from where we live, but it's great they're able to go anyway.

These days are organized to help them forget daily life for a day and to create happy memories.

Dealing with a brother or sister with special needs isn't always easy.
My girls have to adjust themselves every day to the needs and characteristics of 4 autistic brothers.

In reality it means for instance that they can't practice bagpipes as often as they want, because autism also means for one of the boys an oversensitiveness for noise.
The result is that one of the girls didn't get through the bagpipe exam and was thrown out of the band without any consideration.
She really wants to become a bagpiper and I'm trying to teach her now. But the same noise limits exist.

Another difficult problem to deal with is the unexpected nature of the behaviour of their bothers.
Some of them forget their appointments (even when they're told a few minutes before),
and their classic autistic brother has meltdowns at the most unexpected moments.
There are times we just can't understand why he is so frustrated, and at times he scares the hell out of us by starting to yell.

It means a basic level of preparedness for the unexpected and even worse: not bringing friends to their home.
Especially children from school are not used to behaviour of autistic children and the girls don't want a gossip campaign to be started.

These are just a few examples about what it means to be an autism-sibling for them.

Today is a surprise day for them.
It's a day with games and maybe bowling. That's all I know.

So I'll just wait until they're back.

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  1. Most of the time I read your blog. I cannot imagine to have 6 children. I even don't have one, and I am 51..)
    Hope that you can move one day to Scotland.


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