Monday, November 30, 2009

They had fun at the siblings-day

November 30 2009

The girls have had a great day yesterday.
In the center of the country a special day was organized for siblings of special needs kids. Well, with 4 brothers with autism they belonged to that group.

They've bowled about 3 hours.
One of the girls turned out a real winner.

They've also played all sorts of boardgames and were able to do other things to relax and keep themselves busy.

In between they had a healthy lunch.

As it was not their first time it was of utmost importance for them to see some of the other girls they've met before.
They've talked a lot and were so tired when they came home, they had hardly the energy to tell everything about it.

I'm glad they had such a nice time.

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  1. Sounds like the girls had a fantastic time. What an awesome day! It's nice that they have special days like this for siblings! It gives them a chance to meet others.


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