Monday, November 23, 2009

storm and a fallen tree

november 23 2009

A storm raged over the country.
Warnings were issued for sudden powerful winds, lots of rain and thunder and lightning.
With the floodings in the UK in our minds, we kept a close watch on the amount of rain coming down.

The girls wanted to go to ballet and their father was supposed to fetch them, but he suddenly arrived home, just before they were leaving.
After his knee surgery he never completely recovered and he came home from work early, partly because of the weather and partly because of the pain. He already made an appointment to see the surgeon next week.

So we told the girls to come home by themselves and which road they had to take to be safe from fallen branches and lightning.
I would fetch them in case they would feel afraid.

But as soon as it was dark one of the boys came in to tell one of the old trees had fallen.
Well, with this storm it was to be expected something would happen.

So I went outside.

The tree had dropped on a few bicycles and was resting on the rosestand and the old willow.

It was rather easy to break away the branches, but I had still to manage a 5 to 6 metre of tree which was laying right across the gardenpath.
No one could get his bicycle past it. Couldn't get under, couldn't get over...

So I started to saw.
Above me lots of lightning, which is a bit scary, because the christmastree in our garden is higher than the houses and is the highest tree in the whole neighbourhood.
It was raining with buckets full and the tree was old, so of very firm and solid wood.

It took me quite a while to get the saw halfway.
Then I took the ax and hit very firm.
Which was kind of unpleasant too, because I wasn't sure of the head of the ax was still firm on the wood.

Well, after quite a while I was able to give the tree a good blow with my foot and it separated in two.

After that I got the bottom part loose from the ground and was able to drag the lowest part of the tree at the side of the garden path.

The girls weren't at home yet, so I called them to warn them of the tree in the garden.
It's dark there at evenings like these.

They were near the shopping center, so I walked towards them.
Quite a while ago I bought a sailors coat online for 15 euro and it kept me dry and warm while I leaned into the storm.

It was good to see the girls and walk with them under the trees here, watching for falling branches, but it was even better to go inside.

The coat is in the washing machine now.
The tree was dirty and after the fight with it I was too. LOL!

It feels kind of strange to work in the garden at such a weather.
It's a men's job.
Well, it needed to be done, but after today and yesterday I'm aching all over.


  1. Its really hard to work in that type of weather specially for the women, best of luck for your hard work.

  2. We were also affected by the storm last night. I couldn't sleep because of the rain/wind.
    This morning our whole street was covered in fallen branches.
    We will need to clean that up too!

  3. You are so powerful! Way to go.

  4. Yikes that sounds like quite a storm. I don't like storms at all. I give you credit for going out in it because I get nervous when it's lightning and being out side. I am glad the girls made it home safe.

  5. Its a unbelievable work for women. You are great.


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