Sunday, November 22, 2009

new floor

november 22 2009

For a long time I've been wishing for a new floor in the kitchen and livingroom.
The old one, vinyl tiles, was put there just before my autistic son was born, and it was supposed to last for two years.
He's 17,5 now.

A few weeks ago when we were looking for the table we saw vinyl flooring looking like wood. It was very nice, affordable and a bit darker than the former floor.
I really liked it and said I wanted at least to have the kitchen floor done with it.
To my surprise he said he liked it. I think it helped that it was at an introduction prize... so cheaper.

He fetched enough for the kitchen and this weekend I've put it down.
It looks very nice, and all kids love it.

So maybe, maybe we can get him as far that he gets the same for the livingroom.

We've saved for it for many years and this kind of flooring is very affordable at the moment.

Having a nice floor means such a lot!


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