Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my eyes are OK

november 25 2009

Finally time to go to the hospital to have my eyes checked.

Not my hobby, but it had to be done.
Diabetes can cause small bleeds in the eye and when you're in time these bleeds can be controlled with laser therapy.

The last time I went I dedicated 3 hours to this good cause.
So I wasn't too keen to go.

When I arrived I was send back to the entrance hall because the card I had was not up to date.
Turned out more numbers needed to be added to my hospital ID.
I was told it was a government decision...
I asked if the hospital protested against it.


In the waitingroom some woman told me the number was needed because there were people not paying for theit insurance.
I couldn't keep my mouth shut and told her that it was to prevent people who were not admitted as citizens of our country yet to use the medical system. That it was just another example of lack of solidarity and lack of human care for people who have to live in less fortunate conditions than we live in.

An older man beside me gave me a smile.

Well, I was lucky to be called in.

The doc wanted to know everything about my diabetes, but I told her that I stopped remembering all these numbers, because I do what I can to keep control.
And what's the use of her knowing details of it all?
"To be able to tell where abnormalities come from."

Well, there were no abnormalities at all.
Perhaps my eyes are the most normal parts of me. LOL!

I got some drops to widen my pupils and was send to drink a cup of coffee.
One of my sons accompanied me and offered me coffee, but I had to pay. LOL!

When we came back I was called in immediately and 5 minutes later I was send home.

So that was not even 3 quarters of an hour! Wow!

With very dark clouds behind us we walked to my son's new apartment.
It's still a bit empty, but very nice.

He loves chinese things and he'd been able to find some wall hangings, a lamp and some little things.

When I left the rain was pouring.
I was lucky I had my sailor's coat on, but my trousers and shoes were a mess within minutes.

For the first time in ages I was glad to be at home.

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  1. What a sweet tradition! I like that it allows for the more spiritual aspect of Christmas to stand out.


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