Monday, November 2, 2009

I should be a monthly topdropper at more than 250 sites

November 2 2009

After my computer crashed due to a dirty trick of one of the sites I was dropping on, I made a list of sites to drop on.

In a way it didn't feel good.
I liked surfing around and I loved finding new participants. Wanted to give them a good chance to become a fully participating member.
So I was hardly mentioned as a monthly topdropper.

But I'm using a list now and I dropped each and every day.
I might have missed a site here and there when I was ill, but I dropped at the sites of my list.

So I think that I should be mentioned as a topdropper at more than 250 sites.

What do you think?


  1. I totally understand where your coming from! I see you drop almost every day twice on me! If I get to a post I will mention ya!! I see you every day on mine :) I never did a top dropper post before. I am rarely mentioned either. Don't feel bad.

  2. Well, you are one of my top droppers and I appreciate it. Dana

  3. Amazing Work!:)More people needed like you around...

  4. You may not be on my official list but I know you are on of my regular steady droppers. I think I'll even mention it when I do my top droppers list :)

  5. My husband just spent the last three days fixing my computer from a crash because of a nasty virus I got while dropping entrecards - I've been reading a lot of these stories lately. I wish that could somehow scan the blogs BEFORE everyone starts visiting them.

  6. I mentioned you on my site :) You were one of my top droppers (actually two of my top droppers!) Thanks!

  7. You're #10 on my list :)

    Thanks for being a regular dropper for my blog.


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