Thursday, November 19, 2009

Healthy eating habits for children

november 19 2009

I was surfing around a bit and found a blogpost about appetite enhancers for children.

I can't believe parents would use them to make their children eat, or eat more.
It's like everything is medicalised these days.
Children don't eat a proper breakfast, but get something out of a bag, with some pills beside the plate

We're lucky to live in a country where the whole society considers it normal that parents are at home during dinnertime, but I know there are countries where it's normal for children to prepare their own meal in the microwave.

Almost all children go through periods of less eating.
Children don't develop evenly. At times they grow their body, at times they grow their mind, their social life or motorskills.

Children are able to feel what they need, unless that feeling is gone due to insane eating habits from the parents, bad raising or illness.

Children who don't want to eat don't need the food, otherwise they'll get hungry.
They won't be harmed by skipping a meal, they're just getting more aware of how their body feels.

The problem is most of the time a problem of the parents.

Parents want their children to eat certain quantities at a meal.
Often they're not even aware of the fact that the children have snacks and sweets that inhibit their appetite.

When you want your children to eat during a meal, then raise them without in-betweens, and only serve dessert when they've eaten enough healthy stuff.

This also will prevent childhood obesity.

Don't think that you'll teach your child healthy eating habits by making them use vitamins, appetizers or anything else chemically.

Nature provides......


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