Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th - a car...

November 13 2009

A car stopped in front of the house.

I registered the noise when painting a piece of the kitchenwall.
Like always when I do some painting I turned my t-shirt inside out, and when the bell rang I forgot to turn it back.

A nice man waited in front of the garden: "the driving lesson for your son."

Well, my son told me he would have a lesson at 2, not at 11.
he still comes home to drive from here, probably because the street here is very quiet and not as unnerving busy as the streets near his apartment.

I told the nice guy I would call my son, and I did. (putting a cardigan over my T-shirt when picking up the phone.)
Then handed my phone over to him so they could settle the matter straightaway.

I was amazed none of them got the idea that the instructor could go to the apartment and pick him up there, so I whispered that might be a good idea, with a huge mommy smile.
The guy told my son that might not be a bad idea and finished the call.

We had a short talk before he left and he really made me smile.

Later my son told me he told me he was lucky to have such a nice and understanding mom.

Great, isn't it?


  1. Very nicely written!!!Loved it..

  2. Hey Mom!

    Always nice to get a little pat on the back. Even nicer when news of it drifts back to you via the grapevine! :)

    Any parent who has poured themselves out for a special needs child is up for kudos in my book. :)


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