Friday, November 27, 2009

The continuing story - another try

november 27 2009

Last week we went to a meeting at the daycare to see what they can do to make going there easier for my classic autistic son of 17.

He wanted to know precisely what was expected from him, what he needed to do etc etc.
In fact he wanted to have a video with it all on it. Timetable included.

The same evening he had a mail with two schedules to choose from.

Making a choice is not something he enjoys.
He's rather leave it to someone else, and he blames that person afterwards for what went wrong.

This time he had to make a choice and it took him almost a week.
Again he had a reply that same evening.

He told us he would go today, but after so many promises and disappointments I just kept my distance.

But he went... he really did!!

Ofcourse I hoped he would be at the busstation when it started to rain terribly, and ofcourse I expected him to return telling me he couldn't go there in wet trousers.
But until now he hasn't returned.

He'll be gone for just a few hours this time, but it's a first step...I hope.

The daycare is for people like him, to help them find something they want to do the rest of their lives, and to develop some skills.

He could have done well in school when the people who should have invested in him would have done their job.

But let's hope he can find a way through all his negativity, objections and all the other barricades he created for himself.

It's strange without him here.
A strange kind of freedom has entered the house.
No complaining, no negativity, no meltdowns, no comments on the behaviour of others, no angry words because he can't chose whether he wants something to drink, or what he wants on his bread.

It's a tremendous pity his father has troubles with his knee again and is sleeping on the couch. He can't walk upstairs, and he has heavy painkillers. He snores like hell.

No rest for the wicked!

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