Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The continuing story - another excuse

november 11 2009

Last week I called daycare after my son made clear he wanted to go there.
I left it for two days, but as he was still very positive and smiling I made the call.
I even mailed a day later to request a special room when he can work.(or rather: learn working)

Yesterday evening I went through all the moves of getting his trousers, belt and the rest of his outfit ready, so all he had to do was jump in it and go.

His father took the effort to shave him...which was not done properly because he started to make problems.

Aha! Just as I thought, it soon would be clear he planned it to have an excuse not to go.

He complained his chin was painful.... heard that on TV... and further shaving was rejected.

It wouldn't have been a problem, because the only part which wasn't done well was below his chin, in the area where his shirt would cover the last bits of hairs.

Well, whatever we did, it was without success.
He refused to shower, refused to dress himself and ofcourse refused to go.

Oh, I can't believe I lived a few days believing he would go this time.
I'm such ans easy believer.

When I called I didn't even bother to get his counselor on the phone, but just left the message he wouldn't come.

Friday will be his last opportunity and then it's all over.

Because he still had to pay a visit to our family doctor, we went today.
I was glad we were able to get an appointment at the end of the morning.

I assume the lady of the national autism has called our doc, because he wanted to know everything about it.
Well, all I could say that it was too far away for us, and that they were not caring, and were very convinced of their own high standing.
He smiled.

He asked whether we had been clear enough it would be a "no".
Told him that I needed to send her two extra mails to make clear we didn't wsnt to go. That she put my son on the waitinglist without our permission, and wanted us to see a psychiatrist.
He had a good laugh.... "Like you need a psychiatrist to know what is good for your children."

I told him that when she wouldn't accept a no I would refer her to his practice.
His wife loves to deal with people who can't accept "no" as an answer.
He said I was very welcome to do so.

So I left with the feeling to be backed up a bit in this case.

Just hal;f a year waiting and my son is considered an adult. Haha!!
The only positive is that the facilities for adults are far better here in town, from emergency admission to psychiatric care.

I hope we can struggle on that long.
I'm growing old so fast the last year, I'm very amazed.

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