Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the birth of the twins

november 17 2009

Tomorrow is the birthday of my twingirls.
They're growing up far too fast.
14 they'll be.

I'm amazed that such tiny babies have become the young ladies they are. Competing with my length, with their own opinions, they own style of dressing.

Their pregnancy was a high risk one, due to the fact that my second baby died after birth and the pregnancy before them ended in the stillbirth of a small girl.
So expecting two babies was very stressful for all.
Because of that a special echo was made at week 20.
I'll never know if the cardiologist saw what I saw: 2 girls.

It's the best kept secret, I think.

When I was near the end of pregnancy the amount of rhesus antibodies went up, so I was admitted to hospital.
We were at a room of 4.
One of them was not very social, but the other 2 were very kind.
We all lost at least one baby before, so we shared a lot of feelings.
We cried and we had an enormous amount of fun.
Especially when I had to walk to the bathroom we nearly burst our bellies.
When I pushed back the sheets we started, because I was like a balloon with small legs, trying to get the legs beside the bed.
3 steps meant I could use the bed of my neighbour either to rest or to hold firmly, waiting until I caught my breath again.
Moving past the bed was 3 other steps, and then I had to bridge 7 to the doorpost. LOL!

Giving birth was a special event for two of my friends. I asked them to join us, in case the twins each had to go their own way. So there would always be someone with the twins and with me.
Another friend, a midwife, called she couldn't come because she had to go to another delivery, but when I was fully dilated she suddenly turned up.

The gyneacologist/obstetrician was a friend who delivered some of the other babies too, and he was assisted by my favorite gyneacologist/obstetrician.

Baby 1 was born very soon.
Me oh my, when my other deliveries would have been that easy I would have had more babies, be sure of that.

The whole situation was under echographic control, so I could see the second baby was lying perfect when the first one was born. I caught her intuitively between my hands, to prevent her turning. She suddenly had so much space.
One of the obstetricians wanted to take over, but I didn't want to take the risk of her slipping away and blocking the birthcanal.

They wanted me to wait about half an hour before she would be born, but I just started to push and guided her out with my hands.
Huh, giving birth is a moms's job, they're to assist. LOL!
My midwife friend had a good laugh, talking about my single Scottish gene making me stubborn even during giving birth to twins.

The girls were both taken to another room and if I had been able to walk I would have gone with them.
I hated them leaving the room, and it was against all we agreed about the situation.
But the men were afraid the girls wouldn't make it and they didn't want me to witness that. I am still not agreeing with them, especially not as my first girl died in my arms. It's not death which makes people afraid, it's not understanding that a living human being suddenly has no soul.

Well, the girls needed two complete exchange transfusions and two bloodtransfusions before they were safe and alive enough to go home.

Two lovely babies, tomorrow two young women celebrating the day the faced the world.

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  1. I'm so happy for you. It must have been a wonderful experience, something no one can take away from you.

    When my mom have birth to my twin brothers, they were less than 2 minutes apart. They sent the doctor scurrying about and couldn't catch his breath.. lol


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