Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A bag that draws the attention, for me!!

november 24 2009

This morning I could hardly get out of bed... me oh my...aching all over from working too much, too hard this weekend.

But then the postman rang at the door and handed me a large box.
I was puzzled...such a nice large box... for me?

The postman had a huge smile and told me I deserved a present and this was it.

Ofcourse I should have looked at the labels, but instead I opened it and found my surprise.

I was completely overthrown by it.

Well, I won't make you any more curious.

Lynne, from The Sewing Mom, made a bag last month and when I saw it I immediately fell in love with it.
Living in the country of tulips my eyes were drawn immediately to the lovely bright coloured tulips that were outside and inside the bag, by the butterflies, the stars, the other flowers and the colours.
Even the size meant something, because it was a perfect fit for my smallpipes. (a kind of bagpipes).

I don't like it that everything in the bagpipe world is so man minded, with black bags and carriers. The best concession I could find was dark blue.

And Lynne's bag was precisely what I needed, something really female, very nice, artistic, and the perfect size for the smallpipes.

But her blog didn't say anything about selling, so I assumed she wanted to use it herself. And who could blame her?

But strangely enough the bag kept in my mind and I even carried it in my dreams.
Oh dear!!

Last week I went back to her blog and told her so, and boy, was I surpised and happy she offered the bag for sale, against such a prize that I feel I got it as a present.

I don't often buy something for me, so I sat there in my room with a big smile, enjoying the bright orange and yellow colours (see the square), feeling like it was spring already, instead one of the darkest days of the year with the storm raging around the house and the rain pouring down.

Me oh my, will I give those men at the band a powerful signal that we women really do count in the bagpipers world. And will the women stare with a light of jealousy in the eyes to my bag. I know they will, except for one, who will give me a nice compliment and will tell me she loves the bag. She's the sweetest!!

I love bags, especially handmade ones.
It's so nice to know that someone gave her love and attention to make something beautiful for someone else.

Lynne's bags are made with utter precision. They're firm, and have nice pockets.
You can see the twinbag of mine here, in the etsy shop of her sister. That bag is green, so it's a bit less drawing the attention than mine, but very beautiful and a message from spring.
It makes a lovely gift, so my twins told with a begging smile. (Alas ladies, my paypal is empty.)

I advice you to visit the shop of Karen and Lynne often, because she offers wonderful bags in all sizes and colours.


  1. Lynne and her sister make the most gorgeous bags ever! I think it's wonderful you found a bag for your pipes!

  2. Oh wow! Thank you for the link! I didn't know that was what you were going to use Lynne's bag for your bagpipes! That is so cool!!

  3. Awww! I'm blushing from all your kind words and I'm so happy you are enjoying your new bag! I'd love to see a photo of your smallpipes and the bag holding them!
    I love the button you made? Do you think I could turn that into my EC widget? You are so creative!


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