Thursday, October 1, 2009

topdroppers of september

october 1 2009

Because I had no internetconnection the number of drops on my entrecard kind of collapsed. Only the fanatic droppers stayed and kept on dropping, regardless of drops back.

Thank you very, very much!!

Real maximumdroppers were the top 2, the rest were my topdroppers.

Computer Aid
The Way I See It
Art Shout
anns snap edit scrap
My gypsygoods
Online Social Networking
Spicybugz World
Winesworld's blog
Art By Paul Baines

Now entrecard is going to interfere with ad-exposure regardless of former promises, many members are leaving.
It's sad to see so many good and interesting writers and blogs disappear.

I have created a site and group for former and present entrecardmembers to stay in touch. It can only succeed with participation of each and everyone of you.
Ofcourse I understand that those who were in the game only for money don't care to keep in touch, but others are invited with open arms.

Go to:
to subscribe or write an empty mail to:

See you there!!!



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