Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thank you for the well wishes

oktober 3 2009

Remember the father of the kids had knee surgery?

Well, he's walking around and he thanks everyone for the well wishes.

Don't ask me if he's been a nice patient.
Let's say he's been a PATIENT!, when you understand what I mean.

When he was past the shock of the few hours hospital and the pain of the first days, he started to comment from the comfortable position of the couch.
Not too long after that he started to tell people what to do.

To me it's a kind of breakingpoint in recovery, especially when the stage of self pity lingers on.

Then on friday he suddenly jumped up and went to the shoppingcentre.
He was gone before I even realized what he was doing.
Turned out it was mainly criticism of one of the boys what was driving him: he, the master himself, knew better where to buy orange juice.

Don't pity him...he loves shopping and he's a real freak. Goes looking for stuff even in other towns, especially when someone had told him that something is a few cents cheaper.

One of the main jokes in our family is: "It's from the sales."

All those days after his surgery we kept up with his moaning and groaning, his criticism and everything else, but we're sick of it now.
His comments became quite out of proportion and lacked each little bit of consideration for the feelings of the other.

Now he's in the kitchen, because he fancied some baked meat.
I offered to make some, but he told me he wanted to do it himself.
We're all looking to each other and try to stay silent.
There's a difference between baking and burning, and you can be happy not to know at which side he's moving...

Thanks for all the well wishes for him.
You can wish us the best now. LOL!

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  1. I have always had the impression that men are the worst when it comes to being sick or recovering from surgery. Such whiners!


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