Sunday, October 4, 2009

Storm and loaded sites

october 4 2009

Waking up with the storm blowing around the house ... I love it!
I took some time listening to all the noises.
The trees near the window make a storm kind of mysterious.

It's a pity they're growing too tall and we're a bit afraid when lightning accompanies bad weather.
But today it were just fierce winds.

When I finally went to confront myself with the real world I had a headache.
Not a good combination with a cold.

I managed to take some time to change a few minor things at the sites.
Some widgets were causing shutdowns of my firefox. So I've put plain RSS in the site again. Not as nice, but more stable.

The last years the way sites are equipped has changed dramatically.
From just letters with a single image, often included in the webset, to personal photos with every post, widgets and all sorts of gadgets.
Loadingtime has improved, which makes people think they should put even more items on their sites.

Some sites don't even have enough room for one single whole blogpost, and you're forced to click through and wait for the whole shabam to load again, only to read a couple of lines and wait endlessly for a commentsection to load. All for the statistics ofcourse.
Oh... and after that you have to give passwords and nonsense words and push again and wait endlessly again.

It makes me think of those houses where there are flowerstatues with golden rims at the windowsill and everywhere else around. Frilly curtains and flowery carpets.

I hope I've found the golden center between a boring site and one that makes people search for content.
Sometimes I feel I should go back to a white site completely.
But it remembers me too much of school.

Have a great week!


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