Friday, October 2, 2009

A place to live - 5

october 2 2009

One of my sons has PDD-NOS, an autism spectrum disorder and wants to live on his own, in a protected environment.

After he was told he wasn't accepted his social worker and I put up a fight, and after some meetings and a lot of writing we felt more like lawyers of the defence than something else.

Well, the result was positive: they accepted him and invited him to have a look at his new apartment.

They also made him aware of some rules: income would arrive at their account, and under all circumstances he should ask permission when someone wanted to stay.

To him it sounded like they have more rules than we do at home, and he even thought he was facing more rules than his older brother, who lives in a protected environment too.

And, between us, he got wet feet.
Suddenly he liked dinner better, was more aware of the laundry done for him, etc.

Pity that lasted just a few days.

After we ignored the whole issue for a while we adviced him to go and talk with his social worker again.
And so he did.

to be continued...

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