Sunday, October 25, 2009

My kids love... eggs our way

october 25 2009

"Eggs our way" isn't it a ridiculous name for a recipe?
Well, it's how the kids call the way we love our eggs.

Take a pan.
Melt some butter to cover the bottom with just a shine, so the eggs won't glue to it.
Take many as you want.

Break them over a bowl and mix with a fork or mixer with salt and a tiny bit of pepper.
Add whatever you want when you want: bacon, apple, banana, vegetables.

Pour a bit of water in the pan and add the egg mixture.
Keep stirring and scraping from the bottom until the egg mess is done.

It can be used instead of meat for dinner, on a sandwich with ham for lunch, or a bit brown baked as a snack for in between.
Some even tried it on ice and told me they liked it.

Well.... I didn't.


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