Thursday, October 8, 2009

Most of his things are ruined

october 8 2009

Yesterday the weather was terrible.
In the south the heavy rains caused flooding and lightning struck several times.
We thought we were lucky, especially after we realized that in front of the house the street was flooded and the garden path and in the back the path between all the gardens and our own gardenpath and part of the garden itself, but that nothing was streaming inside the house.

But we were wrong.

At the place of our oldest there was a leakage of the bathroom. It was fixed in the morning and all was over, they said.

When he came home after work, he ate with the rest of the group there, and then went to his room.
It's a kind of studio, with an half open kitchen, a large room, and a bedcorner.

There had been a bad leakage in the bed- and study corner.

A very bad leakage.

His bed, including the mattress, was soaked.
All his clothes were ruined, except the clothes he was wearing and a t-shirt.
He washed them, but the dirt that came with the water was so nasty his clothes can't be used anymore.

All his filed paperwork: gone.
We have to retrieve all psychiatric reports and a lot more.

And his computer...flooded too. So it can't be used.

Even the floor, linoleum, has to be replaced.

Such a devastating event!!!

Ofcourse the insurance will repay part of it, but he needs clothes now.
He got a mattress to sleep on and bedwear from the house. (It's protected living. Hmmmm protection from what?)
The insurance is through them too, so it will take ages for him to get the money he needs now.
So we gave him enough to buy new clothes and food, with the consequence that the trip I planned for the girls and me in the autumn vacation won't happen.

Today the repairmen came to see what caused the leakage.
Ofcourse it comes from the roof, that's clear enough, but they needed to see where it entered.
Meaning: breaking the ceiling of his place.

I feel so sorry for very sorry....


  1. Oh my gosh Laane, I feel so bad for him too!! Such devastation!! And now your trip won't happen. I feel so bad, I wish I could give you hugs!!!

    Take care,

  2. How awful! It's really difficult to get used to a new mattress, I can't imagine having to get used to new everything.

  3. The weather has been freakish all over lately. When I was in Asia, we had the typhoons, now I'm back here and we have a rain storm with flooding. Luckily we were spared...


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