Tuesday, October 27, 2009

medical emergency

october 27 2009

Do you know what medical emergency means?
I'm not talking about a broken knee or a fall from a 22 story high building, but about the mexican flu.

When a medical emergency is declared in case of a pandemic like they say the mexican flu is all sorts of regulations that are used to protect our safety can be ignored.

And they are.

Under normal circumstances vaccinations need to be tested on a large variety of variables, including long term effects.
That's why it takes so many years for drugs to be approved.

In a state of medical emergency this requirement is dropped, for instance.

Also certain other safety standards are lowered or ignored.
Under normal circumstances all sorts of groups are tested and within those groups the dosage is carefully established.

In a state of medical emergency less testing is required or generalisations over groups are made without sufficient proof.

Also others standards are lowered.
There is a careful description in the law who is allowed to give shots and who not.
But in a medical emergency dentists, midwifes and other groups are allowed to give shots too.

When shots are not prefilled but must be filled at the scene it's normal to use one needle to get the fluid from the bottle, and use another for injecting it into the person.
In this state of emergency the same needle is used, and doctors here have already established that part of the needles isn't sharp anymore when used to inject, causing unnecessary pain and maybe even causing a greater chance for infection.

But what worries me most is that normal warnings and safeguards to prevent spreading of disease are completely ignored.

Have you seen warnings telling people with an egg allergy to turn to their doctor, because they need a different shot?

And how about the fact that thousands of people have to go to special centers?
What a great way to get the flu even before the shot is working!!

Well, that's why they put a special adjuvans in the european shots. It boosts the immune system to react within 24 hours.
Oh, and in case you want to know: the adjuvans is forbidden in the USA. What does that tell you?


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