Monday, October 19, 2009

Manic Monday #186

october 19 2009

How do you define honesty?

Telling the truth. Not how I see it, but according to the facts, the way they can be observed by a majority of people, without adding any opinion or value to it.

What is the main thing that makes you unique?

Me. LOL!

Pfff... there's not one thing that makes me unique.
Maybe I'm not even unique.

What is your biggest fear or worry?

That I die too early, leaving the girls and the boys with too much grief.

Another one is that my classic autistic son will never ever more out, and I'll have to deal with the same behaviour until I die. He got stuck in development when he was about 12. He's now 17.

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  1. nice post. i also feared of losing my love once at an early age.

  2. Hello Laane,

    I think there isn't a 'thing' that makes us unique, we just ARE unique. Like snowflakes, no two people are alike! That's unique :)


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