Monday, October 5, 2009

Manic Monday #184

october 5 2009

Do you read an actual print newspaper? If so, how often?

I read the regional newspaper every day. It contains national news, regional news and we have the edition with local news as well.
Often I save interesting articles to read on the monday morning with a cup of coffee.

What is your main source of news?

At times I'm an intermediary between the world and some journalists, sometimes I write news myself.
In that case I often depend on registered news like seismologic recordings and such.
Because I know people all over the world I can check rumors and I have access to background information.

Do you believe that it's possible for the media to be unbiased?

Oh yes, absolutely.
Problem is that the money that feeds the media most of the time doesn't request unbiased reports.

And nowadays the public often wants sensational stuff, instead of plain news.

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  1. I still read an actual newspaper too.

    I played too :)

  2. I rarely read the newspaper. When I do, it's the local one.

  3. I read the store ads. I try to watch the news but I don't have that much time to sit and read the paper.

  4. We get the USA Today through the week and I much prefer it to the local newspaper. Saying that, I don't really need it for the news since I watch the news every night and usually the news they print is a day late. I do enjoy the other articles and editorials and LOVE the crossword in it.


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