Thursday, October 29, 2009

Familar sounds of the past

October 29 2009

I remember being ill and staying at the house of my gram.

The small room gave me the feeling of a warm embrace.
It's strange, but I can't remember ever wanting to look out of the window.

A shelves with books was above the bed, and it took me years to realize that it might fall down. Two weeks after I thought so it came down, with my favorite book: "The lady with the green coat", on top.

Being ill at my gram's was staying in bed and listening to all the sounds of the house and the world outside.
No radio or TV was needed.

The clocks, the sounds of my gram cleaning.
The vegetables lady opening the door with the key that fitted all houses in the street and her calling upstairs to ask what was needed that day.
The birds, and the bus passing by, stopping at the bus stop and the footsteps of people to their houses.
Even when dozing off one was part of a living world, and waking up gave a feeling of stability and being secure.

The past days I've been dozing on and off and each time I woke up I missed the familiar sounds of the past.
Right in front of me the old clock of my other grandmother.
It stopped working a long time ago and it seems to look with an empty face into the room.

The houses are so well isolated that I need to focus to hear some sounds from outside.

In a way I'm glad that it's time for "As the world turns".
Some life in an empty world.


  1. Ah, memories. I love reminiscing them.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Laane. :)

  2. Hope you are feeling much better today. Sometimes illness does make us more aware of our surrounding environments; illness makes us slow down so that we can take a rest and smell the flowers.

  3. Sometimes it is so amazing to find out there are are so many around us which we ignore all the times.
    I hope you recover soon. Happy Halloween :)


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