Saturday, October 17, 2009

Early morning for the couch

October 17 2009

Yesterday the son who's moving out went with his dad to buy a couch.
They also bought loads of small stuff like towels, a washing up brush, floormat for the bathroom, etc. The father of the children can travel free, and can take someone with him with 40% discount, so he's always the one having that fun.

After putting all the things in the new apartment they came home to eat, watch TV and sleep.

All alarms were set on 7.45, because at 8 the shop would put online at what time the couch would be delivered.

Guess who was the only one waking up?
Yep! Me!

It was rather cold downstairs, and dark.
The light near the computer was spreading a bit of warmth.

*With a pounding headache I went to the site, typed in the zipcode and... eh..nothing.
So I waited 5 minutes, went through the process again... nothing.

Repeat several times from *.

Finally I had a movie in my mind of a huge vehicle arriving at the apartment, no one at home, and a young man furious because he missed the delivery.

So I called the number that was given in case something was not OK.
10 cents per minute it said.
It was more than ten times the amount, per minute.
Ofcourse first a friendly voice told me I had to pay more, then I got a nice introduction to make me hang on the phone and make the counter tick, I had to type a number, and then it was told the number could be called only between monday and friday.

Did I tell you I woke up with a splitting headache?
I became more aware of it when my bloodpressure started to rise skyhigh!

Ofcourse I filled a complaint online, knowing their customer service was starting right that minute. Without a headache, I bet.

OK, I was kind. Rather nice in fact, even though my boy was irritated because I woke him to ask his phonenumber and told him to switch his phone on.

After taking my meds, I tried the site again.

Oh wonder of technology and mom's complaints! The info was there.
His couch will be delivered after 14.00 hours.

Yea, they don't deliver before 14.00 hours. It's in the booklet, it's in the shop, it's on the receipt.

Why on earth did I have to get information about delivery time when they're not more precise?

Good morning!!


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