Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the continuing story - an unexpected invitation

october 6 2009

The national autism centre is well known for its expertise and extreme long waitinglists.
A few years is no exception, so I was really surprised to receive an invitation for an intake for my autistic son after just a year.

It also feels like the struggle to get him in daycare has been energy that could have been used to do more rewarding things, because the invitation is for their daycare and treatment department.

Don't think that the intake is a step through the main entrance of autism care.

Forget it!

It's just the intake for another waitinglist.

But a very interesting intake, because they have far more facilities than daycare here in our town. They can also institutionalize people.
Problem is that all those facilities are 2 hours traveling from here, maybe more.

So for now we concentrate on daycare here and keep the invitation ready as a next step when he doesn't go to daycare.

Up til now he's refused to go. I've been through so many emotions about that, that today I didn't spend a word on it, other than that his clean shirt was hanging in my room.

He kept on telling us the last days that he's going to daycare tomorrow.
I'm not sure if he's really wanting to go, or that he just wants to keep us from pushing him.

Well, now we have the invitation for the national autism centre we're having the next step in our hands.

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  1. That's great news you got the invitation. I hope all goes well and the waiting isn't long. Does he ever say why he doesn't want to go to day care? I try to ask my son when he doesn't want to go to school. I do sometimes get answers. I know there are times my son has enough. After school he shuts down sometimes and we don't get homework done.


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