Friday, October 9, 2009

The continuing story - today he went!

october 9 2009

I'm sitting here in utter amazement and half-shock.
It's 25 minutes after the beginning of his day at daycare and he went. (He's 17, classic autist. Daycare is a dayfacility where he learns some working skills.)

Yesterday I gave up reacting to his comments after I told him that going in his own town would be far more easy than traveling a few days a week to another town where he would work in a treatment center.

Maybe he overheard me on the phone when a friend told me I should push him more, and I told her I tried every form of behaviour to make him go, except physically pushing him out of the door, simply because I can't push 150 kg on legs.

Yesterday evening he said that there was no need for me to wake up and help him leave, as he had an agreement with the girls that they would help him.
I woke up when he was in the shower, and went down when it was 5 minutes before leaving.

Ofcourse I didn't expect what I saw: a young man in his special outfit (all black), with carefully combed hair (his sisters did), and a watery smile.
"I hope dad won't forget the games he promissed", he said.
I guess I'll never know why it worked to bribe him with that into going today and not a few weeks ago.

He complained a few times, which is his habit, told me he was not happy going a full day and he would be here at lunchtime, put his coat on... and went.

The girls gave me a kiss.
He looked at it, said he hoped I wouldn't mind him not coming back (3 steps), turned around and took his bicycle.

I watched it all like a movie, until a bird flew into the garden...the empty garden.

Half an hour later his dad phoned and told me that the girls called him to tell that he's in the bus.

And I've just received a mail that he's arrived and he's sitting with the group.


I can't believe that he's away for a couple of hours.
2 long years he was at home.

The house finally feels like mine again.
I've already vacuumed, folded the laundry, and now I'm drinking a cup of coffee without expecting someone to tell me in a loud voice what I already know.

For the first time in ages I feel like a normal mom.

Let's hope this is the first day of his future and a more normal life for us.

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  1. Aw Laane! I am so happy for you. I hope he enjoys it so much that he stays for the whole time.

  2. I am so glad that he went. I hope he has a great day and today is the first of many such days for you both.

  3. That is so wonderful! Finally some well deserved time for yourself. Enjoy:)

  4. Bless your heart I certainly hope this works out and he will enjoy his time away, I know it's rough, I have friends that have a young autistic Son. Wishing you both all the best.

  5. That is wonderful! It is always so good to have some just-for-yourself time.


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