Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cleaning, painting

october 7 2009

I know better, otherwise I would have thought I was pregnant.

I had such a strong urge to clean today.
But it doesn't help when so many people are at home.

Yesterday the father of the children was a real pain.
He was in a bad mood, because he went to work too early on monday and was thrown back on the couch.
I have swallowed "I told you so", but with a lot of effort. LOL!

Today he was walking around in the house and he really got on my nerves.
Boy 2 had his first driver's lesson and expected he would be able to drive straight through to the exam... well after a couple of lessons. But the instructor told him he needed far more he switched his music on far too loud, making me feel like sitting on an earthquake driven chair.

"Perfect opportunity for father-son bonding", I thought and half an hour later they were gone on their bicycles.

I cleaned a few things and then painted a wall beside the stairs.
It's plain white again.

Today and the next days I'll be deleting old, outdated, blogposts. Maybe keep some to help my memory for events.

Autumn cleaning...


  1. I often wondered about deleting old post. Should I or Shouldn't I? i guess I could delete the old EC one, although I do not have too many.
    Painting... I really need to get to the store. The colors have been chosen. My hubby is always tired and napping when he returns from work, He has no Excuse like yours,lol.

  2. Autumn cleaning is a good thing :)


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