Wednesday, October 14, 2009


october 14 2009

Like I expected my auti-son didn't go to daycare.
He didn't feel well, he said.
It's very difficult to see if he's faking or if he's really not well. It doesn't matter anyway, because I can't push him outside. Kind persuasion didn't help.

He looked surprised when I told him we're having a meeting with his psychiatrist next week anyway.

One of the other sons was packing.
He's moving out this weekend and/or next week.

Because the weather changed so fast I needed to give the largest girl a wintercoat. Her sister had taken hers. Well, she's grown into it.

I was lucky to have the coat available downstairs and not at the attic.
Gloves were ready too, and some hats.

This is the first night it's freezing and in the morning they have to leave early and have to cross a bridge. It's always so cold and windy there.

I cooked an old fashion dinner.
I'm so in the mood for winterfood!

And you?


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