Friday, October 2, 2009

Breast self examination

october 2 2009

Some cancer organisations have stopped to advice breast self examination.
This is the result of a Danish study which says that breast self examination doesn't lead to a lower number of women dying from breastcancer.

After many studies which were in favor, there are a few that are against, and hola... all information leaflets, TV programs and short movies are thrown in the bin.
In a time of recession I'm always a bit hesitant to belief the latest muscle jerk of an organisation that is financed with subsidies and sponsormoney.

It's interesting that the studies which didn't show benefit were all coming from research in Russia, China and the Philippines.
I wonder whether these results can be compaired to studies done in more western countries, with better healthcare and more financial input.

Even more interesting is that the Danish publishers work for an organisation which is heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry.
It makes me wonder if the research is as independent as it seems.

Our national breastcancer foundation tells me that breast self examination results in more mammograms, more punctions, so a higher cost for healthcare.
The tumors found have no better prognosis than tumors found with the normal breast cancer screening.
No, ofcourse not... but they're found earlier, and not after a wait for the next screening which may be up to 2 years later.

I don't care if the insurance has to pay an extra mammogram when I discover a lump in my breast. Knowing a friend who survived a very fast growing tumor in her breast, just because she discovered it far before the screening, gives me the feeling that self examination is as important as it was before.

I'm not here to please the pharmaceutical industry.
OK, it's a pity when I don't need their whole scala of anti-cancer drugs, chemotherapies, anti vomiting tablets, skincare products and a lot more to fight cancer in a more advances stage.
It's even a pity I don't make the cancer organisations responsible for my own wellbeing.

I am responsible for my own body, so I'll do breast self examination as I see fit.

And be aware even more:
men can get breastcancer too!
Almost all these cancers are found through breast self examination.
How about that?


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