Friday, October 16, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009

This year blog action day is about climate change.

We're living in a country below sea level and we're very aware of the impact of climate change. Especially the rise of the sea level and the change of the weather will directly affect us.

Already we're dealing with more severe rains and storms, lightning is more dangerous, and the temperature in the summer is higher than when I was young.

Because we're living with 16 million people on a small area we're aware of the influence of environmental pollution on climate change.

We recycle a lot, as I've written about at Entrewas, here.
And we're working hard on prevention of more damage.

Many countries in Europe have signed agreements about the reduction of pollution many yuears ago, and it seems ridiculous that Blog Action Day requests participants to sign a petition to ask President Obama to take the lead.

America has ignored many international agreements for a long time, like the Kyoto Treaty (here) and the chance to take a lead has long been gone.

All America has to do is take over the ways many countries deal with climate change and the ways the use to prevent more pollution.
Children learn at school how and why things are done, they're taught about the economical consequences. That investing costs at first, but that in the end we all gain.

So many things are normal here, on all sorts of levels.
At home, at school, at factories, on the roads, etc etc.

First start doing what we all do here, before you're even start thinking about who has the lead. Before you're even thinking that someone american should lead the world to influence climate change for the better.

We all should lead ourselves and take responsibility ourselves.


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