Sunday, October 11, 2009

autism saturday

october 11 2009

Yes, it was a relief that my classic autistic son finally went to daycare, especially when I heard he was sitting in the group.

When he arrived home we praised him into heaven, and he himself was quite happy with how the day went.

In the meantime son 2, with PDD-NOS, was struggling with the change of weather, just like the years before.
He didn't feel happy and didn't know why, so he blamed his room.

All he had done to create a nice place for his computer and his things he demolished.
It was not high standing furniture, but a self made room wide desk, with a wallsystem.
Like last year and the year before nothing was good and it ended all outside in the backgarden.

Then he started to push us around, telling us we didn't want to invest in him and his stuff, etc. etc.
But when I told him to get a new shelf for a desk he just went over to his next book of complaints.
It was clear he needed to find a way to deal with the chaos in himself and to deal with the different feel of everything and himself, now the rains and cold makes one feel uncomfortable.

His angry, unkind behaviour made everyone feel irritated.
His dad started to argue with one of the boys who started to complain against me, the classic autistic son started to get angry, etc etc.
A valiumbomb would have done wonders. LOL!

The whole toodoo lasted until saturday late afternoon when a friend came and talked him into spending the evening with him, and another friend asked him to sleep at their house.

Tomorrow we're having an appointment at a place for protected living.
All paperwork is ready, so all we need to know when he's able to move in and if he wants to go.

I hope so.

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  1. How sad, it sounds like you have your hands full and could use a break. I can't imagine having 3 autistic children to deal with. I'm glad your other Son enjoyed the daycare that's great.


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