Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend of the 13th

september 13 2009

Well, the 13th came one day too early.

One of the boys got computerproblems and blessed us with a mood that resembled the worst weather you're experienced.

He was lucky his oldest brother wanted to come over and have a look.
Pity he couldn't do anything here with the laptop, so after dinner he took it with him and worked on it. By midnight he had removed all the animals and dirt people put on a computer to mess up the lives of others.

The owner of the laptop couldn't wait for him to work on his PC too and decided he could do it himself.
Yea.... causing a "blue screen".
He panicked and was mad, very mad.
So he probably caused it himself by messing around to try to get rid of a virus.

Then he got angry because I stayed calm.
Yea. He made a good back up this week, so why not install the whole bit again and get better virusprotection and a firewall.

We all were very happy he had a birthdayparty that evening, so we could watch a bit TV and talk a bit without him pouring his grief upon us.
By the time he came home he was quiet and more of his old kind self again.

This afternoon he went to his brother... who had fallen asleep in his chair.
So he didn't hear him at the door.

Oh dear!!

We got called by the phone over and over again, each time he was more angry.

I was lucky to remember that the sound of his computer signals incoming mail quite loud, so I maled him.
That worked!!

It's rather quiet here at the moment. Pfff....

One of the problems with young people with PDD-NOS is that they have more difficulties than other young people to keep control of their emotions and impulses to vent their anger.

The learningprocess to grow up in that area takes far longer that for peope of the same age.

Well, one way or another he has to find a way to stay calm and stop messing things up because of stupid actions, like removing things at random from the computer.

How was your weekend!


  1. Ahhhh much like yours!! My oldest son - who has ADHD and bipolar - has NO patience, either. So when he screws up, we hear the same stuff. Except - we live in a townhouse. With very close neighbors. Who don't like the way"expresses" himself.

    Like last week, when he was fed up with his little sister (who had, for the record, been antagonizing him for hours) and he picked her up, telling her "I'm going to throw you down the stairs!!" - while she's screaming bloody murder. And I'm ignoring it - because I know he won't. Or am at least pretty sure he won't.

    Unfortunately, the neighbors weren't so they called the police. Ahhh yes, we got a visit from the same policewoman who always comes to our house. What a day!

    So I understand...and I have only one thing to say. May the force be with you. xx

  2. So because he was impatient and stubborn he wrecked his own computer?
    Very stupid.


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